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Partners in business as well as in life,  I am Vicki, and together with my  husband David, we own 55 Photography. 

I have many years behind me as an amateur photographer, and in 2019 David and I decided to take my passion forward, and build a business around it.

As an amateur, I spent nearly a decade photographing sports events and doing  street photography, which involved many candid human interactions. Therefore, it’s only natural that my eye is trained to seek out those magical moments that happen organically, when you think nobody is watching. I love photographing occasions where there are going to be lots of people, such as weddings, because the emotions, laughter, and fun of the day, make the most authentic and memorable photos.

Although David deals with the business end of things, he is also a very proficient photographer, and quite often accompanies me, so that we can operate where possible as a two-person photographic team. This means we can capture those special moments from two angles, ensuring you get the best mixture of photos.

Our photographic style is ‘candid’.   This means we specialise in discreet, unobtrusive photography, and have been praised for our ‘stealthy’ style of photography; so much so, that most of our clients have failed to realise we are even there!

We pride ourselves on offering a fully relaxed type of photo experience, and are acutely aware that on your special day, be it a wedding, party, or any other event, the last thing you need is a ‘pushy’ photographer demanding you to pose. Therefore, we won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with; if you’re uneasy or anxious in front of the lens, we’ll offer gentle direction and encouragement if/when needed. In the case of group photos, we aim to work quickly and efficiently, meaning you, your family, and your friends, can get back to the most important task of enjoying the celebrations without too much disruption from us.

Whilst we are based in Perth, we travel all over Scotland and Northern England to cover any type of photography, from weddings, to parties, to sporting events, to corporate functions.

if you are in need of any type of photography service, then we can offer that to you in an easy process.

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