Booking Process

Thank you for submitting your information to us.  We will now explain the booking process with us

Booking Agreement

We now have your details so we will raise the booking agreement which needs to be signed before we confirm a booking.  The Process is

Agree Online

We will send over a link in an email for you to review the booking terms and conditions, and the information about your booking such as date, and hours booked.  If you are happy with the information please follow the instructions online and electronically sign to agree the booking detail

Deposit Payment

Once we receive your signed agreement online, we will raise an invoice for you to pay the agreed deposit.    You can pay the deposit via your online account you will receive a login for, or by bank transfer

Once the deposit it paid, then your booking with us is confirmed

Balance Payment

The Final balance payment is due 2 weeks before the event.  You can request to pay this earlier, just ask us to raise your invoice when you wish to pay

Event Details

Once the balance is paid, 2 weeks before the event, we will contact you to finalise all timings and requirements for the day itself, but as always you can get in touch anytime